About Bayside Blues Band

The Bayside Blues Band performs a variety of traditional acoustic blues songs as well as contemporary electric blues and rock&roll. The band is based in Port Elizabeth and consists of five members:

Bayside Blues Band 2010 - Keith Yoko, Kobie Botha, Eugene Roberts, Neilson Hall, Mike Nowick

Boasting a combined musical experience of more than 100 years (thanks mostly to Keith and Neilson) the Bayside Blues Band brings new life to old blues tunes like Crossroads, Hoochie Coochie Man and Let The Good Times Roll. Busting the myth that blues are for sulking after love gone bad the Bayside Blues Band are known to get the dance floor filled with people forgetting about the cares of life. Playing music ranging from raw Mississippi acoustic blues, Chicago electric blues to rockin’ Texas blues the Bayside Blues Band gives blues purists much to cheer about and sceptics the opportunity of discovering a new world of emotion filled music.

Note: While Kobie is winning Boere Musiek competitions on KykNet Boet Strydom has joined us on keyboards. We’ll have a photoshop’ed picture of him soon.